Solution with unlimited recording and rules for users and groups. 65 months of cloud archiving.

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WTM Enterprise for Skype

WTM Enterprise is ideal for financial institutions, call centers, and companies that need to archive all communication with customers.


Common features to all versions of WTM for Skype

WTM Management

  • Control Panel.
  • Rules by users and user groups (Professional version or higher).
  • List of connections in progress.
  • Management of activated WTM Agents.

Skype voice calls

  • Unlimited cloud-based archiving, playback, and download.
  • Search by period, user, and contact.
  • Download of calls in MP3 format.
  • Call recording between Skype and telephones (SkypeOut).

Skype chats

  • Unlimited cloud-based archiving and retrieval.
  • Search chats by period, user, contact, and keyword.
  • Real-time chat monitoring.

Skype use control

  • Blocking and allowing of chats, calls, and file transfers.
  • Contact filter per user.
  • Enabling and Disabling Recording.

* For Skype Classic (v7.x) only.


  • Chat history by user, contact, period, and keyword.
  • Chats content report for a given user and group of users.

WTM Agent

  • For Windows workstations (versions Vista to 10).
  • Controls and records Skype Classic (v7.x) and Skype App (v12.x).
  • Free upgrades.
  • WTM Agent installation can be automated by GPO (installation file in MSI format).

Cloud-based solution

  • Activation in minutes.
  • No server required.
  • Low TCO.
  • Secure access management.
  • Scalable archiving.
  • High Availability.

Technical support

  • Technical support by e-mail for all WTM versions, including during the trial period.
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