Control over the contacts of each user

Winco Talk Manager allows you to define the contacts your employees can have on Skype, and can allow or block outgoing voice calls, text messages or file transfers. This allows for professional Skype usage in your organization, dramatically reducing the software use as a personal tool.

Unlimited Skype voice call recording

Winco Talk Manager records Skype voice calls, which can be accessed and played back safely and easily through the web. Recordings are stored automatically and unlimitedly according to the subscription plan, turning Skype into a real communications channel with customers, suppliers and partners.

Real-time chat monitoring

Winco Talk Manager’s Management Portal gives real time and history access to your employees’ Skype chats, even when they involve MSN, Facebook or Lync contacts. Monitoring helps you protect your company against illegal or inappropriate employee activity, and prevents Skype from being used for personal purposes.

Skype conversation recording with Lync, Facebook or telephones

The newest Winco Talk Manager version can record Skype-made chats or calls to phones or contacts from other networks, such as Microsoft Lync, MSN and Facebook. This feature makes for easy and broad communication with your customer base or business partners, whether or not they are Skype users.

100% free from Skype’s API

Winco Talk Manager 2.0 is the only corporate solution 100% free from the Desktop API, otherwise known as the “Skype Public API.” In practical terms, this means that even when this API is discontinued by Skype, our customers can continue to record and control chats or calls from their employees.

Web-based playback of voice call recordings

Listen to your voice calls in stereo mode on the web as often as you like or download them as MP3 files.

Staff pleased to have Skype released in the enterprise thanks to the use of Winco Talk Manager Make Skype available in your organization today

Winco Talk Manager’s recording, control and monitoring features make Skype an advanced business communications tool with centralized management.

Skype advantages and benefits, such as cost reduction, multimedia conferencing and online status can be made available to your business today.

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