Winco Talk Manager

Control and monitor Skype and Eikon Messenger of your company.

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Enable the use of Skype in your business, but keep it under control.

As soon as Agent WTM is installed on the station, the behavior of Skype is controlled by the Control Panel.

All recording is automatic, including changes made by users during their conversations, such as message corrections and deletions.

- Permission and blocking of voice calls and chats.
- Permission and blocking of contacts.
- Permission and blocking of file transfer.
- Enabling and disabling of recordings.

WTM versions for Skype

Cloud-based archiving solution for the financial market.

The WTM for Thomson Reuters is a solution for financial institutions that need to archive and retrieve Eikon Messenger chats, without the need for local server or software on the stations.

- Unlimited archiving of chats and attachments for up to 65 months.
- Search and view chats and download attachments through the control panel.
- Multiple administrative logins with Two-Factor authentication.
- Search for conversations by participant, period and keyword.

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Control Skype

Authorize or block calls, chats, and file transfers.
Controlled workstations may be located within the company network or anywhere on the internet.

Real-time monitoring

Monitor Skype in real-time and protect your business against inappropriate or illegal activity by inhibiting its use for personal purposes.

Cloud archiving

Winco Talk Manager automatically records audio conversations and chats, turning Skype into a secure communications channel with customers, suppliers and partners.

Safe management

Manage Winco Talk Manager over HTTPS with two-factor authentication.

For auditing purposes, all administrative activities are recorded in the system.

Call Recording

Access recorded conversations safely and easily through the cloud. Listen below for an example of conversation recorded in stereo.
Note: Audio recorded in brazilian portuguese.

Version for Eikon Messenger

Addressing Financial Market needs for archiving and e-Discovery, Winco Systems - in partnership with Thomson Reuters - developed Winco Talk Manager for Thomson Reuters for institutions that use Eikon Messenger.